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2014年よりお守りを主題として制作をしてきた [ GRIS GRIS ] の作品を一冊にまとめました。



12月に行われる二つのイベントにgris gris の参加をさせていただくことになりました。

開催場所は、DEE'S HALLと、すぐお隣にこの春開店したヨーガンレール+ババグーリ青山店です。


The works of [GRIS GRIS], which has been produced with the theme of amulets since 2014, are summarized in one book. It will be on sale here from November 12th.

In addition, at the " Amulet " held at [ Jurgen Lehl+Babaguri Aoyama ] Tokyo store in December and the "The tiny house " held at DEE'S HALL, gris gris will be participating.

Details such as the session will be announced later.




This is a notice regarding overseas shipping.

Due to the influence of COVID-19, delivery is not possible or the delivery status is not stable, so I am very sorry but decided to postpone shipping overseas. We will continue to consider measures while watching the transition.


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