沖 潤子



2009年 ARTS & SCIENCE 青山にて個展「Recycle」

    ギャラリーフェブ 個展「祈り」

                   feve books より「針目帖」を出版

2011年 DEE'S HALLにて個展 「糧」



2012年  COW BOOKS , Shima, 「poesy」展  巡回

                    DEE'S HALLにて個展「異邦人」

2013年 Gallery Bにて個展「刺青」

    COW BOOKS にて個展「culte a la carte 」

                   作品集" culte a la carte"を自費出版

                   DEE'S HALLにて個展「culte a la mode」

                   shima にて個展「是々非々」

2014年 DEE'S HALLにて個展「赤」


2015年 個展「PUNK」/DEE'S HALL , MORIS , 森岡書店

2016年    ブリュッセル  Office Baroque にて

    グループ展  "8 femmes " 

                   アントワープ Cookie Butcherにて

     " Finding Ling Ling’s Head "参加

            金沢21世紀美術館  コレクション展

    「NOUS  ぬう」

         DEE'S HALL にて個展「gris gris 」


2017年    ブリュッセル  Office Baroque にて個展 「Junko Oki」

        資生堂ギャラリーにて 個展 「月と蛹」

                   shiseido art egg 賞 受賞

                   KOSAKU KANECHIKAにて二人展  「Junko Oki / Masaho Anotani  展」

2018年 KOSAKU KANECHIKAにて個展  「蜜と意味」

    山形ビエンナーレ 参加

2019年 ブリュッセル  Office Baroque にて個展

                  「Truly indispensabl

                金沢21世紀美術館  コレクション展


2020年 山口県立萩美術館・浦上記念館にて個展「anthology」

                KOSAKU KANECHIKAにて個展  「刺繍の理り」

2021年      KOSAKU KANECHIKAにて個展  「よびつぎ」






Born in 1963 in Urawa, Saitama. Lives and works in Kamakura, Kanagawa.
In 2002, Oki began embroidering fabric handed down to her by her mother, using a style all her own. She has since held exhibitions in Japan and abroad. Oki hand-stitches without using a sketch, deliberately employing fine sewing machine thread. Her dense stitches, which seemingly yearn to totally express her inner world, possess an overwhelming power that transcends the concept of embroidery. In 2014, Oki published a collection of her own photographs, PUNK (Bungei Shunju), and her unique creative vision captured broad interest.

2009 solo exhibition, "Recycle."

           / ARTS & SCIENCE ,Aoyama (Tokyo)

          solo exhibition, "Prayer."

           / Gallery Feve  (Tokyo)

          Release of the first photo book of her works

    "Harimecho."(i.e.,"Stitchig  Samples "

           /feve books.

2011 solo exhibition,"Mental Nourishment."

          / DEE'S HALL (Tokyo)

          solo exhibition,"Poesy." / Morioka Shoten (Tokyo)

          Release of the second photo book of her works,


2012 solo exhibition,/ COW BOOKS (Tokyo), shima(Nagoya),

          solo exhibition,"Outsider." / DEE'S HALL (Tokyo)

2013 solo exhibition,"Tatoo." / gallery B (Kanagawa)

          solo exhibition,"culte a la carte." / COW BOOKS (Tokyo)

          Release of the third photo book of her works,

          "culte a la carte."

          solo exhibition,"culte a la mode."

          /  DEE'S HALL (Tokyo)

          solo exhibition, /  shima (Nagoya)

2014 solo exhibition,"culte a la carte."

          /  DEE'S HALL (Tokyo)

          Release of the fourth photo book of her works

          entitled,  "PUNK." / Bungeishunjyu Ltd.

2015  Travelling solo exhibition "PUNK" throughout Japan, 

           / DEE'S  HALL (Tokyo), Moris ( Kobe),

            Morioka Shoten (Tokyo)

2016  Finding Ling Ling’s Head, Cookie Butcher,

    Antwerp, Belgium

           8 Femmes, Office Baroque, Brussels, Belgium 

          21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,

           Kanazawa, Japan 

          solo exhibition,"gris gris." /  DEE'S HALL (Tokyo)

2017 solo exhibition / Office Baroque, Brussels, Belgium 

    solo exhibition /Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo

          Shiseido art egg 11th award,

    Two person exhibition “Junko Oki | Masaho Anotani” 

            / KOSAKU KANECHIKA ,Tokyo

2018  solo exhibition “sense and sweetness” 

            / KOSAKU KANECHIKA ,Tokyo

   Yamagata Biennale, Yamagata

2019  solo exhibition  "Truly Indispensable",

           / Office Baroque, Brussels, Belgium 

          " Where We Now Stand—In Order to Map the Future"

           21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,

           Kanazawa, Japan 

2020  solo exhibition “anthology” 
           / Hagi Museum of Art, Yamaguchi Prefecture

          solo exhibition “Embroidery” 

            / KOSAKU KANECHIKA ,Tokyo

2021  solo exhibition “Yobitsugi” 

            / KOSAKU KANECHIKA ,Tokyo


Public Collection 

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan